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Experience a taste of Wild West history by dining at our home-style restaurant in Pioche, Nevada. Since 1907 Silver Cafe & Bakery continues to be the longest-standing cafe in the area, providing a wealth of history about the roughest town in the Wild West—even rougher than Tombstone and Dodge! This historical, family-owned home-style restaurant proudly serves customers from around the world and offers special event catering services to those looking to accent their parties with fine foods. If you're ready to enjoy the Wild West—and brave our mischievous ghost who loves to cause trouble—then contact us today with your order.
Mouthwatering Cafe Meals
The Wild West has never been more alive than at our home-style restaurant. Silver Cafe & Bakery offers homemade favorites almost every day of the week so you always have your choice of delicious lunches and dinners. Our most popular cafe menu items include:
Handmade Tacos • Specialty Rib Eyes • Philly Steak Sandwiches • Steak Sandwiches • Seafood Platters 

Stop by for Lunch
What better way to enjoy lunch than with a mid-day meal at Silver Cafe & Bakery? At our home-style restaurant, you are able to set up a daily lunch schedule for the month. With this schedule, you can order from our lunch menu and set the time to pick up your food. Ordering your favorite specials and not having to wait has never been easier, or more cost effective. All lunch specials are priced affordably at just $6.95.

Once-a-Month Special
Be sure to check out our home-style restaurant's monthly meal special, where we feature menu items not normally available in our area. Some of our favorites include:

Prime Rib • Mexican • Chinese
Grilled Steak, Home-Style Restaurant in Pioche, NV
Chow down on incredible comfort foods that satisfy your rumbling stomach
by stopping by our home-style restaurant today in Pioche, Nevada.